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SMART STRIP ™ by Peel Away® is the revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, the substrate and the environment. This 100% biodegradable, paint removal system is a water-based stripper and is extremely effective for removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings and all paints from virtually all interior/exterior surfaces - wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, fiberglass, etc.
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SMART STRIP ™ by Peel Away® is an exceptional paint stripper for the safe removal of lead based paint and is excellent for intricate, carved or molded surfaces in one single application. It is also superb for removing marine paints without damaging the gel coat.
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Because it is a paste, SMART STRIP ™ by Peel Away® paint removal system can easily be applied by brush, roller or conventional airless sprayer. It is formulated to remain wet and effective over extended periods of time unlike most paint removal products, and strips away up to 15 layers of paint in one single application!
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SMART STRIP ™ paint remover does not contain dangerous methylene chloride, caustic, or toxic chemicals. It is odor free and environmental safe, and will NOT harm your hands. Can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces. Easily adheres to vertical or overhangs.
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SMART STRIP ™ by Peel Away® is a name “do-it your-selfers,” architects and contractors have trusted for all their paint stripping requirements.
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Safe n' Easy ™Oil/Grease
Professionally engineered, formulated & tested to clean up any motor oil, nasty grease and heavy soils from all concrete and asphalt surfaces. A must to have around the house or at work! Don't let oil and grease spills get you down. Safe n' Easy Oil and Greese Remover is here and there is nothing better!

Cupran - High Performance Paint Remover for Hands
Cupran is the premium hand cleaner manufactured by Stockhausen and is simply thebest paint removal product for your hands and body commercially available today. Contains natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers. Designed to effectively
remove oil based paints, lacquers, multicomponent paints and resins, glues, etc.from your hands. Cupran is an excellant effective replacement for the use of thinners and other dangerous solvents.

Aerosol Graffiti Remover
Spray it on and remove graffiti from brick, metal, glass, wood, and painted surfaces without damaging the underlying surfaces! Safe and friendly to the environment.
Discount Prices start at $12.96

Watch Dog Graffiti Remover
Graffiti removal like you never thought possible. Watch Dog industrial strength graffit remover is "the real deal" and works "like a charm" to remove filthy, ugly, stubborn graffiti from ALL brick, metal, glass, wood, and painted surfaces. Recommended by architects, contractors and municipalities. No job is too big or too tough for Watch Dog.

Peel Away® 1 Paint Remover
SAVE $$$ and Removes up to 32 layers of stubborn paint in one single application! Paint Removal for almost all surfaces, wood, brick, concrete, plaster, steel, iron, fiberglass, etc. Easily adheres to vertical or overhang surface. Can be used to remove paint on all interior and exterior surfaces. No harmful fumes or flammable solvents. No methylene chloride. SAFE. The PEEL AWAY® 1 Paint Removal System best used if you are looking to repaint the surface after stripping
Peel Away® Marine
Safety Strip Paint Remover

PEEL AWAY® MARINE SAFETY STRIP Paint Remover is formulated specifically for the removal of bottom paint from fiberglass, wood and metal boats without any damage to the fiberglass gel coat. Enviornment friendly. No fumes. A boater's dream come true.

Dumond Black Mastic Remover
Dissolve floor tile mastic, spray adhesives, black mastic and glues from all surfaces IN A FLASH!. 100% organic and does not contain any hazardous chlorinated solvents. An Incredible Mastic Removal System.
Paint Stripper Pads and Accessories
Check out our selection of paint removing pads, paint stripping scrapers and unique blades for all your paint removing chores. We have products for getting into small and difficult areas. Products that are reusable and washable. Best of all we offer fantastic low discount pricing!

Cupran New Cleanser
1000ml - 2 pack

SPECIAL: 2 - pack of Cupran New Liquid Cleanser in the 1000ml bottle. Cupran cleaner is for oil-based paints, stains, urethane sealants, adhesives, tar and asphalt. Great for cleaning hands as well as tools and other items. It is a unique effective hand cleanser for all lacquers, resins, etc

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