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Smart Strip FAQs

Q. Does Smart StripTM really work on all surfaces?
A. ABSOLUTELY! Smart StripTM works on virtually ALL interior and exterior surfaces including all sorts of wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, fiberglass, steel, iron etc. There is nothing like Smart Strip --- we believe it is the most versitile paint remover available.

Q. Does Smart StripTM work quickly?
A. In most instances Smart StripTM Paint Remover will remove up to 15 coats of stubborn paint in one single application. Incredible results and so easy to use. Starts to work in minutes to remove muliple layers of stubborn old paint.

Q. What kind of paints will Smart StripTM remove?
A. Removes ALL Oil and Latex Paints. Even on Brick! Removes virtually ALL Paint, Epoxies, Urethanes, Elastomerics, Chlorinated Rubbers etc. Smart StripTM works on almost any paint imagineable!

Q. Is Smart StripTM safe for the environment?
A. YES, Smart StripTM is water based, odor free and 100% Biodegradable. Best of al Smart StripTM does not contain methylene chloride, caustic, or toxic chemicals and wil NOT BURN YOUR HANDS.

Q. Will Smart StripTM work on detailed intricate surfaces?
A. YES , Smart StripTM Paint Remover can be used on the most intricate detailed and carved surfaces. How to remove paint from moldings, picture frames, old doors, book cases, etc ?? Smart Strip is your best choice.

Q. Can Smart Strip be used to remove lead based paint?
A. No Problem! , Smart StripTM is exceptional for lead-based paint removal. Smart Strip Loves Old Lead Paint.

Q. Will Smart StripTM remove paint from drywall?
A. Smart StripTM paint remover is extremely effective to remove paint from drywall. First do a "test patch" to determine how much time Smart StripTM should remain on the painted drywall. Generally, less than two hours should be sufficient. You do not want leave it too long and possible remove the paper portion of the drywall. Go slowly and if necessary re-apply Smart StripTM. You will amazed with the results.

Q. What about furniture paint removal?
A. Smart StripTM is one of the FINEST FURNITURE PAINT REMOVERS we have ever seen. Works on new furniture and antiques. Works on all types of wood (including oak, walnut, mahogany cherry etc). Removes paint, stains, varnishes, and all sorts of architectural coatings.

Q. Will Smart StripTM remove marine paint? Will it damage the gel coat?
A. Smart StripTM is great for the removal of marine coatings and will not damage the gel coat. For really tough marine paints with over 10 coats of paint use Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip Paint Remover.

Q. How do you apply the Smart StripTM?
A. It is easily applied by brush, roller, or conventional airless sprayers. It easily adheres to all vertical or overhanging surfaces

Q. How long does the Smart StripTM need to stay on the surface and how do I remove it?
A. Dwell time will vary depending on the type of coating, number of layers, and temperature. For best results, allow paste to dwell overnight or longer. Remove the softened/lifted paint using a scraper, taping knife, or power washer. The stripped surface should then be rinsed with water or denatured alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before repainting.

Q. Can Smart StripTM be used in any temperature?
A. For best results, surface temperatures should be 60 degrees F - 95 degrees F. Smart StripTM . Can be applied as low as 37 degrees. However, the effectiveness may be reduced and the dwell time may increase.

Q. Does Smart StripTM require the use of the Peel Away paper?
A. No, Smart StripTM does not require the use of the Peel Away Paper. The paper can be used with it if you like. It can make clean up easier in many instances when you are working indoors or if you are working overhead. The Peel AwayTM Paper will also accelerate the paint removal process. The paper can be purchased separately with no additional shipping costs. To purchase Peel Away Paper click here.

Q. Do I really need to do test patches before I start?
A. Yes, Always prepare a test area on each type of surface and paint coating prior to full application. This will determine the proper thickness of the remover and the dwell time required for project completion.

Q. How do I remove Smart StripTM from rougher surfaces like brick, concrete or stone?
A. SMART STRIP WORKS GREAT ON TOUGH SURFACES LIKE BRICK, CONCRETE, STONE AND MARBLE. For rougher surfaces, if possible, a power washer is the best way to remove Smart Strip. If not, interior surfaces can be rinsed using a spray bottle of clean water and a nylon bristle scrub brush . After a thorough scrub, spray again with water to remove any remaining residue.

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